5 Reasons to Choose SNS Dipping Powder for Your Next Mani

Sick of getting a beautiful gel mani just for it to chip away the second you get out of the salon? 

But you refuse to go back to acrylics. The smell, the damage. It’s enough to put anyone off.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to both: SNS dipping powder. The lasting power of acrylics meets the easy removal of gel polish. And that’s just the start of the benefits.

What Is SNS Dipping Powder?

Given the pandemic, don't worry if you’re a little behind the times on your manicure trends. If you’ve never heard of SNS dip powder before, here’s a quick introduction. 

In a dip powder manicure, the nails are coated with a thin layer of a resin-like base coat, which acts as the glue and then dipped (duh!) into powder. Alternatively, sometimes the powder is poured over the nails depending on who’s doing it. This process is sometimes done repeatedly depending on the condition of nails; weaker nails may require more.

After this, an activator (SNS Sealer Dry) is used to harden the powder on the nails. This is shaped with a hand or e-file and smoothed with a buffing block once dry.

Finally, a top coat (SNS Gel Top) seals the nail and protects your manicure. This gives dip powder nails the strength of acrylics, but without the harsh chemicals used. 

Unlike acrylics, which are difficult to remove and harsh on your natural nails, you can remove dip powder with 100% acetone. Just file the shiny top coat on your manicure down and then soak in acetone to remove. 

From a quality brand like SNS Nails, you can expect to see two to four weeks of wear from your manicure. There are more than 1,000 beautiful SNS dip powder colours to pick from. SNS has a variety of colour ranges with Gelous Color and Gelous Color Collections being the main ones regularly updated with fresh and on-trend colours with a large number also being available in a matching gel polish and nail lacquer. Other complete colour collections include Fabulous Dip, PerfectFlo, and Dipstar.

The good news keeps on coming because SNS dipping powder has plenty more benefits beyond durability.

It’s Nutrient Enriched

Though some would tell you dip powder manicures can be harsh on nails, this isn’t the case. SNS dipping powder is enriched with nutrients within the powder. This can help fortify your natural nails and allow them to grow longer and stronger with every application. 


Gel manicures need UV exposure. UV has been known to have some  bad effects on the body, including your nails. Though it’s a minimal amount, if you're worried about this, SNS dipping powder has no UV involved. 

No Chemical Stink

Most manicures come with an unfortunate odour. Whether this is due to the polish itself or the chemicals used in the process, it’s unpleasant at best. Our dipping powder is odour-free, so there are no harsh smells. 

Faster Manicure

If you’re short on time, a dip powder manicure is generally much faster than conventional acrylics. This is because much of the process is “dry”, so there’s less sitting around and waiting. 

Lighter Feel

Though similar in procedure, dip powder nails are much more lightweight than acrylics. This is because you the powder isn’t bonded with your natural nails like they are with acrylics. SNS dip nails don’t feel heavy or tight at all.

Try It Yourself

If you’re still not convinced about the wonders of SNS dipping powder, we highly encourage you to try it yourself as we’re confident you’ll love it.

Find a Certified SNS Salon near you and get ready to fall in love with dipping.


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