Dazl - 50% Faster Nail Applications

SNS, the world’s leading manufacturer of dipping powder systems, has announced an innovation that cuts the time of dipping powder application by approximately 50%. The new method combines clear dipping powder with a new, quick-drying color product, called DAZL.

Time is saved because DAZL color is applied in a single coat, using a brush, on top of a clear dipping powder base.

DAZL is odorless and fast-drying, and it’s healthy because it requires no UV light. In fact, DAZL ensures that all the health benefits of SNS dipping powders are preserved. When the application is removed, the natural nail bed is as healthy as before, or healthier.

This new advanced SNS system is long-lasting. With normal, everyday use, DAZL’s brilliant mirror finish remains in perfect condition for three weeks or more. Exclusively for DAZL, SNS is introducing an entirely new range of 150 exciting colors.

SNS Founder and Chief Director Joe Nguyen said: “DAZL is the biggest breakthrough since SNS first introduced dipping powders to the nail industry in the 1990s. Consumers love to save time and still enjoy beautiful, healthy, long-lasting nails. For salons, a 50% saving in application time can mean a doubling in revenues, so the business benefits of DAZL are enormous. Our message to the world is clear: ‘Go DAZL your nails today!’”

SNS (Signature Nail Systems) is a Florida-based manufacturer of healthy nail products that are distributed worldwide.