How to Give Yourself the Perfect at Home Manicure With SNS Nails

These days it's not always possible to get to the salon to get those perfect nails. So why not save money and learn the art of the at-home manicure?

With SNS nails giving yourself the best at-home manicure is simple, the results are long-lasting, and best of all, the products are completely cruelty-free.

Please have a look at our guide on how to create SNS dip powder nails in the comfort of your own home.

sns nails dip powder starter kit
What You’ll Need

Nail Prep:

  • Nail clipper
  • Nail file
  • Cuticle pusher or wooden cuticle stick
  • Buffer block

Dip Liquids:

  • SNS Gel Base
  • SNS Sealer Dry
  • SNS Gelous Base
  • SNS Gel Top
  • SNS Vitamin Oil

Dip Powders:

  • SNS Natural Set
  • SNS Gelous Color Dipping Powder
  • SNS Natural Set Sheer

How to Prepare Your Nails

You need to prepare your nails with a good clean before you can begin your at-home manicure. Treat your nails like a nail technician would in a salon! Preparation is a key factor in creating beautiful, long-lasting manicures, so this step should never be skipped.

If you need to, trim your nails to your desired length with a nail clipper. Then using a file, shape them into your preferred shape by moving in one direction. File them from underneath to help prevent over-filing.

Next, prepare your cuticles first with a cuticle softener. This will soften them and make them easier to move. Then push back your cuticles with a wooden stick or stainless steel cuticle pusher to reveal the full nail bed.

Finally, take a nail buffer and smooth the nail surface by buffing gently all over, removing any dead skin and rough bits that remain. This will remove any natural oils from your nails, which are not your friend when it comes to applying any nail enhancement.

How to Create Your Dip Powder Base

Foundation layers form the base of your dip powder nails. This step ensures the strength and longevity of your manicure. To create these layers, you will need SNS Gel Base, SNS Sealer Dry, SNS Natural Set Dipping Powder, a cuticle stick, and small brush.

First, apply a thin coat of SNS Gel Base to clean and dry nails, working on one to two nails at a time. Avoid painting too close to the cuticle line to prevent overfilling the nail. 

Next, dip nails into SNS Natural Set and tap fingers against the jar to remove any excess. After dipping all 10 nails, brush off excess powder around and underneath nails with your small brush. 

Repeat steps depending on the condition of your nails, starting with SNS Gel Base. Weaker nails will require more layers as well as long nails. SNS recommends 2 layers for short or strong nails and 4+ layers for thinner or longer nails. 

Clean around the cuticles and underneath the nails with a cuticle stick to keep nails looking nice and neat. Then, apply SNS Sealer Dry to dipped nails and allow to completely dry. SNS recommends applying Sealer Dry every 3-4 layers of dipping powder. To check if they’re dry, gently tap the surface with your finger being careful not to transfer the natural oils of your fingers.

How to Apply Coloured Dip Powder to Your Nails

Now it’s time to get some colour on those nails! This part has a similar process to the first, except different products are used. For colour applications, use SNS Gelous Base, the coloured dip powder of your choice, SNS Sealer Dry, a cuticle stick, and a small brush.

Apply a thin layer of SNS Gelous Base to the base you have just created. Dip your nails into the coloured powder and tap fingers gently over the jar to remove any excess. Try to work quickly after applying Gelous Base to allow the dip powder to adhere evenly. Take care to remain 2mm away from the cuticle. Again, brush off the excess powder around and under your nails.

Wipe off the brush on a paper towel between each application to avoid contaminating your Gelous Base with powder.

Repeat this step to build up colour, applying Gelous Base closer to the cuticle line but be careful not to touch it!

Seal the powder with SNS Sealer Dry and allow to dry. 

Lastly, apply Gelous Base and dip each nail into SNS Natural Set Sheer and once dusted, finish with the Sealer Dry to lock in the colours. Natural Set Sheer is used to protect the colour and vibrancy of your dip powder nails. 

How to Finish Your Dip Powder Manicure

By now, your home manicure should be looking incredible. So now it is time to add the finishing touches.

Once everything is dry, you can file your nails again to achieve the perfect shape and remove bulk. Apply another coat of SNS Sealer Dry, making sure that you return the brush to the bottle between each nail.

Rinse your hands at the sink without soap and dry completely. 

Apply two coats of SNS Gel Top and finish with a gentle massage of SNS Vitamin Oil.

That's it! Your SNS home manicure is complete, and your nails should now look fabulous. For more information, a detailed tutorial is available.

The Perfect Salon Quality SNS Dip Powder Home Manicure

SNS dip powder nails give you a long-lasting manicure at home with vegan products, cruelty-free and packed with nutrients for your nails.Home pampering has never been so worth it! Enjoy your dip nails for weeks without any maintenance. No more chipped and peeling polish days after application so you can have more time to do the things you need to do.

Give yourself a fantastic at-home manicure today and see the difference it makes to your nail health. Have a look at our starter kits to find the right dip powder manicure kit for you.

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