Modern Day Manicure Tips: Read This Before You Get SNS Nails

Manicures are a staple of our modern, chic lifestyles. They form an integral part of our beauty routines and work to boost our confidence and enhance our overall appearance. Studies show that around 40% of women regularly get manicures as part of their own personal grooming routine.

It has been said that nails are the one thing you can get in shape without exercise. With SNS nails, it's even easier to get the perfect look with better results. In this blog post, we will look at SNS dip powder nails, their benefits, and how they are applied compared to gel manicures.

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What Are SNS Nails?

As the creators of the Original Dipping Powder, all dip powder manicures are generally referred to as “SNS nails”. SNS nails are a dip powder manicure involving powder adhered to nails with a resin-based agent similar to superglue. The SNS Dip Powder System is designed to improve the strength of natural nails with every application, allowing them to grow out longer and stronger. It is also an alternative option for those who require the longevity and durability likened to acrylic and gel manicures.  

SNS branded dip powder is formulated without the harmful chemicals often found in traditional nail polishes.

It is completely free from  methyl methacrylate(MMA), formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl pthalate (DBP), xylene, camphor, lead, parabens, ethyl tosylamide, synthetic sulfates and other pthalates.

,These chemicals can be harmful and can result in your natural nails becoming weaker over time.

Instead, SNS uses an acrylic ester polymer combined with a resin-based to adhere to the nail. Formulated with less chemicals, SNS branded dipping powder can easily be removed by buffing away the shiny top coat with a hand or electric file and then soaked off with acetone. 

Benefits of SNS Nails

SNS dipping powder is non-allergenic, odor-free, and does not require UV light to apply. Many women have skin allergies or are sensitive to chemical odors. SNS has also developed a range of dip liquids known as ‘SenShine Bases and Sealers’ specifically designed for those who are prone to such sensitivities.

SNS dip powder nails are the ultimate nail option having the strength and durability of acrylics whilst retaining the flexibility of gels.. SNS dipping powders are also enriched with a host of antioxidants and nutrients. These include Vitamins A, B5, D3, E, and calcium. The vitamin fortified formula encourages healthy natural nails while maintaining strong enhancements.

SNS nails are easily applied, either at home or in a professional nail salon, and come in a wide range of lively colours. 

SNS dip powders differ from the others on the market. The lack of chemicals in SNS dip powders makes it easy to remove compared to others, which are often just refined acrylic powder that are able to be dipped and used with liquid monomers to create acrylic nails. It also has benzoyl peroxide  added - an ingredient which prevents and eliminates the risk of infections and cross-contamination - so you can feel safe dipping.

SNS continues to be the nail professional’s preference and choice of dip powder year after year because of all these benefits and the overall quality of the products.

How Are SNS Nails Applied?

It’s important to properly prep nails before dipping to ensure lasting power and prevent the common annoyances of many manicures including lifting, chipping, peeling, and cracking.

The first step when applying SNS nails is to prep nails by buffing the surface and wiping it clean with some acetone to remove any oils. A clean and dry surface is essential to the process as it allows the dip liquids and powder to adhere to the nail better.  

Next, brush a thin layer of SNS Gel or Gelous Base (depending on the nails you’re creating) to the nail. The base coat is essentially a resin or glue which adheres the powder to the nail to create strength. Then, dip the nail at a 45 degree angle into the coloured powder of your choice and tap off the excess powder

With a small fan brush, remove any excess dust from the sides of your finger. Create as many layers as your nails require by repeating the Gel Base and dip powder process; the thinner and weaker your nails are, the more layers you should create. 

Apply SNS Sealer Dry to your nail and let harden for two minutes. You can check if they’re completely dry by tapping on them with your finger but be careful not to transfer natural oils to your nails. SNS Sealer Dry should be applied to every 2-3 layers of Base and Dip Powder. 

Use a file or a buffer to shape your nails one last time as necessary. At this stage, you can wash your hands without soap and dry them completely. Apply Sealer Dry once, allowing to dry before finishing with two coats of SNS Gel Top. 

Then, voila, you're done and you have great-looking nails!

Get Stunning and Healthy Nails With SNS

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