SNS Nails: A Product Guide to Healthier Nails


SNS is the nail system you choose when you want to grow and repair your nails -- all while having them look fabulous in the process. Instead of finding your nails weakened and brittle after removing your nail enhancements, you’ll find that SNS manicures improve the condition of your nails with every application. It’s not magic… just science! 

By leaving out all the nasty toxins and replacing them with gentler skin-friendly ingredients, SNS formulations are ones that can be enjoyed by everyone. That’s not all of it though. SNS is an environmentally conscious brand; we never have and never will test on animals or use any ingredients derived from them. We’re for protecting our planet and your nails!

When it comes to nails, we all have different needs and preferences so whether you choose dip powder, gel polish, acrylic powder, or regular nail lacquer - there is an SNS product just waiting to be discovered by you! Proceed with any manicure guilt-free knowing that the products you use are actively working with you and not against you. 

This guide will help you navigate and understand the entire SNS product range so that you can decide what’s best for you. 


SNS is not just about new products; it’s about new concepts.

SNS created the Original Dip Powders for nails in the 1990s, revolutionising the nail industry. Dip Powder offers a way for women to enjoy long-lasting wear from their manicure without damaging their natural nails over time. They’re a healthier approach to nails. SNS Dip Powders meant that women could enjoy uncompromising health and beauty and no longer had to endure the health risks and dangers of traditional manicure methods.

Now more than ever we’re all progressively realising the importance of maintaining good health and the awareness of our own eco footprint. The massive growth in everyday health trends including yoga to vegan diets to mindful meditation show just that. The message SNS promoted three decades ago has now become an industry mantra: to care for health and beauty in equal measure.

What are the benefits of SNS Dip Powder?

When applied properly, the finished SNS Dipping Powder application is strong, durable, flexible, odour free, has a natural feel, requires no UV light, is non allergenic, protects the real nail and is healthy for the nail bed.

sns nails benefits dip powder manicure
Dip into the benefits of an SNS dip powder manicure!

SNS products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from the toxic chemicals known to cause damage not only to your nails but also to your overall health.

SNS nails offers a cleaner and safer approach to nails.

In addition to offering a system that helps reduce the chemical load and resulting damage to the nails, the SNS Dipping Powder bases and sealers are enriched with no less than 5 nutrients and antioxidants: Vitamins A, E, D3, and B5, plus Calcium.

  • Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps the nail bed repel bacteria and viruses, while also protecting nails against UV damage.
  • Vitamin E is a nutrient and protector for the nail bed: it helps neutralise free radicals which damage the cells, and strengthens the immune system
  • Vitamin B5 has powerful abilities to regenerate the nail bed, making the tissue more solid and elastic. It also provides a protective barrier against harm.
  • Vitamin D3 boosts elasticity of the tissues and stimulates collagen production while helping to replenish the cells and maintain their natural moisture levels.
  • Calcium is an essential component for cell regeneration and tissue strength. It also has a protective function stimulating the production of natural antioxidants to preserve cell health.

The SNS dipping powder system actively improves the health of the nail!

How is SNS Dip Powder Applied?

The concept of dipping powders is simple. Dip powder nails are created by layering a liquid adhesive on the nail and then quickly dipping the nail into colour dipping powder.

These layers are then bonded together with an activator before being sealed for protection and shine with a top coat specifically designed for dip powder applications.

SNS Bases & Sealers were designed by SNS scientists to ensure the following:

  • Use natural materials wherever possible
  • Nourish the natural nail with healthful ingredients
  • Eliminate toxic odours in the salon
  • Minimise allergenic effects
  • Ensure that colours are brilliant and consistent
  • Provide a light, strong and flexible nail
  • Protect the nails against UV light
  • Are easy to apply...and remove

It’s because of SNS Bases & Sealers that nails actually become stronger and healthier with each SNS application!


sns natural nails dip powder
SNS Dip Powders for stronger nails with every application

Nearly 30 years ago, SNS changed the nail industry with the world’s first dipping powder nail system: The Pink & White Dipping Powder System. Today, SNS continues to lead the industry with the ultimate French tip manicure.

When it comes to Pink & White, SNS offers the finest quality powders, the most naturally brilliant finish, and the strongest, longest-lasting nails. There’s a generous choice of light, dark and glitter pinks, three beautiful shades of white, and a whole range of natural finishes. 

And the best news is, every application of SNS Pink & White leaves the nail healthier than before! 

French White

Give your nails a breathtaking smile. This pure white will create the look of a perfect freehand French manicure.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS pink powders to create the look of a French manicure.

American White

A little twist on the classic French White. American White is more subtle and slightly off-white.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS pink powders to create the look of a more natural French manicure.

French Glitter F3

The beauty and innocence of pure white. This colour will develop a French manicure with glitter and sheerness for a stunning white tip.

Recommended Use:

Use as a second coat of French White.

Natural Pink

The sheer pink cover that mimics the look of strong and healthy natural nails.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure. Suitable for pale to light skin tones.

Dark Pink

The most popular pink of the collection. Dark pink provides cover with a little bit of colour.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure. Suitable for light to medium skin tones.

X-Dark Pink

This pink is the one to dip when you want a bold, beautiful kick of pink.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure. Suitable for medium to dark skin tones.

Pink Glitter F1

Looking for just a hint of colour? This will give your French manicure a touch if pink with a very subtle shimmer finish.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure.

Pink Glitter F2

Enhance the look of your French manicure with this strong pink hue that requires less glitter.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure.

Natural Pink Glitter F4

Natural as possible... but make it glitter.

Recommended Use:

Use in combination with one of the SNS white powders to create the look of a French manicure.

Natural Set

Very natural. The strong, healthy nail you want when there's no colour required.

Recommended Use:

Use with French White or Gelous Color to create a natural look for the nail or regular SNS set.

Natural Fill

Designed to use for any SNS regular fill, refill, or to repair nail damage. It refreshes the appearance of the nail.

Recommended Use:

Maintenance for fill in a regular SNS set.

Natural Balance Out

Repair. Restore. Refresh. Use Natural Balance Out to repair a damaged nail bed. It also provides a beautiful translucent cover.

Recommended Use:

Repair of damaged nail beds and to cover up damage from nail biting.


Put some shades on your nails. This custom designed, high-tech UV protective powder prevents yellowing caused by exposure to the sun and heat.

Recommended Use:

Overlay as a topcoat to protect from UV exposure, bleaching, and tanning.

Natural Set Sheer

The perfect finish for all nail enhancements. Designed to overlay SNS dip powder sets and create a strong, healthy nail.

Recommended Use:

Use as a topcoat as the last layers of an SNS dip powder set.


At the heart of the SNS dipping powder system is a range of unique products called SNS Bases & Sealers. They bind the coloured dipping powder to the nail, provide a beautiful mirror-finish, and most of all ensure the health of the natural nail.

SNS offers a full system of dip liquids formulated with less toxins and incorporate vitamins A, E, B5, D3, and calcium to nourish natural nails and promote nail growth. Now there is even a complete range of Bases & Sealers (SNS SenShine) specifically formulated with even less chemicals for use by and on those who are quite sensitive and prone to irritations when it comes to nail products.

Safety First

SNS dip liquids contain strong adhesives. Please use them exactly as you’ve been trained. If a bottle cap gets stuck, simply soak the whole bottle, with cap, in hot water for three minutes. Never try to force it open. Then place a pedicure towel over the cap and gently twist it open. 

What liquids are used to prepare nails for dipping?

Preparing the surface of the nails is essential to creating a long-lasting manicure.

SNS E.A. Bond

E.A. Bond is a nail dehydrator. Think of it like a degreaser or cleanser for your nails. Its job is to balance the pH level of the nail plate and remove debris, moisture, and oils from the nail surface. This supports the adhesion of nail enhancements and helps prevent lifting and chipping.

E.A. Bond can be used with any nail enhancement but isn't needed when using pre-bonded formulas.

Recommended Use:

After manicuring nails; before applying any other nail product. Apply dehydrator directly onto the entire nail plate or on areas where lifting and chipping tend to occur, like the tips. 

What base coats are used for SNS dip powder nails?

The SNS Dip Powder System has 2 base coat products which create a protective barrier and provides superior adhesion of dip powder to nails. Each one is used depending on the type of dip powder application. Cyanoacrylate is the bonding agent (liquid monomer) used in combination with the SNS dipping powder. Cyanoacrylate is a strong, biodegradable adhesive that polymerises upon contact.

SNS base coats are designed to be used with SNS Dip Powders and ensure optimal adhesion and full absorption of dip powders. 
SNS Gel Base

Gel Base is a base coat for SNS Pink & White System dip powders. Gel Base has a slightly thicker formulation that is essential for building the foundation layers which add strength and protect natural nails.

Recommended Use: 

Only use Gel Base with Pink and White System dip powders and when creating french or natural dip powder nails.  Brush a thin layer onto the area you want the dip powder to adhere to immediately before dipping.

SNS Gelous Base

Gelous Base is designed to be used with SNS Gelous Color dipping powders and all other dipping colour ranges. Gelous Base is quick drying and supports full absorption.

Recommended use: 

Use Gelous Base when applying coloured dip powders from the SNS Dip Powder System. These include: Gelous Color, Fabulous Dip, Dipstar, and PerfectFlo.

What liquid used to set and dry the dip powder?

The dip liquid used to set and dry dip powders is referred to as an 'activator'. An activator is necessary to dry and harden the base and dip powder layers before nails can be filed, shaped and buffed.

SNS Sealer Dry

SNS Sealer Dry chemically bonds the base with the dip powder, hardening and sealing each layer. It reduces brittleness and provides nails with flexibility and shine. 

Recommended use:

Apply every 3-4 complete layers of base and dipping powder, depending on the thickness of layers. Allow to dry completely before proceeding with more layering or Gel Top. You can check if they’re ready by lightly tapping the nail with fingers. 

Once dried, nails can be filed, shaped, and buffed. After this step, apply one last coat of SNS Sealer Dry. Apply evenly and moderately as too much Sealer Dry can interfere with the drying and shine of Gel Top coat. 

What top coat is used for dip powder nails?

The final step before you can enjoy weeks of flawless wear with your SNS dip powder manicure. Available in a super shiny finish with SNS Gel Top / SNS SenShine Gel Top or the sleekest matte finish with SNS SenShine Matt Top. Top coats not only protect your manicure, they also shield nails from potential damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays.

SNS Gel Top

There is no other shine quite like an SNS shine!

Dip powder top coats seal and secure everything together so you can enjoy long-lasting manicures that are crack and chip-resistant. Enjoy unbelievable shine without the use of UV/LED lights to dry with SNS Gel Top and SNS SenShine. 

Recommended use:

Use in the final step to complete your dip powder manicure after Sealer Dry. Apply 2 coats in total. Apply a thin first coat to seal and protect the powder and a second coat to add shine. Take care and allow to dry completely in between each coat.

SNS SenShine Matt Top

Matte nails look sleek. They elevate any manicure whether they’re worn on a few or all fingers - they really make a statement. That’s why every nail kit should have SNS SenShine Matt Top.

Matte top coats for dip powder nails are hard to come by and especially ones that can last for more than a few days before they start peeling or become dull. SNS SenShine Matt Top lasts for weeks and weeks just like our super shiny Gel Top products for dip powder nails. Matt Top is exclusive to the SenShine range and is a matte top coat for dip powder that actually lasts more than a few days -- and no UV light is required! SNS SenShine Matt Top lasts for 3 weeks or more just like our other Top coats.

Recommended use:

Apply two coats of SNS SenShine Matt Top. Apply the first coat thinly to lock and seal the dip powder underneath and the second coat slightly thicker to protect your manicure. Let the coats dry completely for 2-3 minutes in between.

Does SNS have a cuticle oil to finish and maintain manicures?

No manicure is complete without cuticle oil at the very end. Cuticle oils are a great way to rehydrate your nails after a manicure, making them look even better!

SNS Vitamin Oil

Keep nails soft and supple with SNS Vitamin Oil. Its ultra-nourishing and fast absorbing formula helps replenish, protect, and strengthen nails. Enriched with emollient rich safflower, sesame, wheat germ, and grape seed oils and enthused with vitamins A, E, B5, D3, and calcium - give your nails a treat with SNS Vitamin Oil.

Recommended use:

Brush on around nails after a completed manicure. Massage the oil into your cuticles to increase circulation and stimulate nail growth. Repeat as many times as desired throughout the day or whenever you want to refresh your manicured nails.

What are the other dip liquids in the SNS Bases & Sealers range?

The other liquids within the SNS Bases & Sealers range help you to create stunning manicures time and time again as well as maintaining the condition of your other dip liquid bottles and brushes. 

SNS Brush Saver

Keep your dip liquids in pristine condition for longer with SNS Brush Saver. Over time and after countless applications you dip liquid bottles and brushes may become thicker and harder, making them difficult to use. Prevent this from happening early on by regularly cleaning your brushes during and after applications. 

Recommended use: 

During and after every application. Proper brush maintenance involves wiping your brush on a paper towel after it comes in contact with dip powder. Never return a brush to its bottle if it hasn’t been wiped or cleaned as this can result in your dip liquid becoming contaminated.

Clean your brush by taking it out of its bottle and swapping it the Brush Saver brush. Twist it closed and rotate the bottle a couple of times and allow it to soak in the Brush Saver bottle for a couple of minutes. Wipe the brush from the Brush Saver bottle on a paper towel before using it in your dip liquids. 

SNS Brush On Glue
What do you do when you want to elongate nails? You apply tips! SNS Brush-On Glue dries almost instantly and creates a strong bond between the nail tip and the natural nail plate. It’s also fortified with calcium to prevent your free edge from peeling. The brush applicator makes it easy to apply and control the amount and direction of the glue placed onto the nail tip. No mess and no stress involved. 

Recommended use:

When applying false tips to natural nails. E.A. Bond may be used before and after on the nail tip area to promote an even tighter bond.

SNS Gel Thinner

SNS Gel Thinner liquid helps thin out Gel Base, Gelous Base and Gel Top as they become thicker from each use and exposure to air. Only available in 2oz/56g refill bottles.

Recommended use:

Add a few drops at a time inside an existing SNS dip liquid bottle. Continuously turn the bottle around to incorporate and mix until the liquid has thinned.

Are SNS dip liquids safe on skin?

SNS also offers a complete system of Dip Liquids Bases & Sealers that are even more gentle on the skin, nails, eyes, and nose for are highly sensitive. SNS SenShine dip liquids are not only a solution for clients with highly sensitive skin and eyes but also for nail technicians who use nail products all day long. A win-win; SNS nails can be enjoyed by everyone!

SNS Australia carries the following dip liquids in the SenShine range:

  • Gel Base
  • Gelous Base
  • Sealer Dry
  • Gel Top
  • Matt Top

SNS Dip Powder Nails Colour Ranges

The SNS Dip Powder System is 30 years in the making. Over this time, SNS have continued to produce trending colours and colour collections to give you over 1000 shades and hues to choose from today. SNS powders have a finer grain than any imitators, with colours that are richer, brighter and more consistent.

SNS Dipping Powders are derived from an acrylic ester polymer that adheres to the nail when combined with a liquid monomer. In the very small amounts used in a professional nail salon, acrylic ester polymers are not considered harmful to humans.

SNS coloured dip powders are available in 1oz/28g and 1.5oz/43g jars.

Within the SNS Dip Powder System there are 6 colour ranges you can pick from: Gelous Color Dipping Powder, Gelous Color Collections, Fabulous Dip Dipping Powder, Dipstar Dipping Powder, and Perfect Flo Dipping Powder.

SNS Gelous Color Dipping Powder

Gelous Color & Gelous Color Collections

Fortified with vitamins A, E, B5, D3 and calcium, Gelous Color and the Gelous Color Collections are SNS’ main colour ranges. There are over 800 stunning colours with new colours added every year. SNS Australia carries Gelous Color dip powders in colours #1 - #400 and all the Gelous Color Collections dipping powders.

Gelous Color Collections are unique colour galleries curated by top nail fashion designers. Each beautiful collection follows a theme, which makes it even easier to find and shop for the colour, style, mood, or vibe you’re after. Gelous Color Collections are updated seasonally so check back often!

Various Gelous Color and Gelous Color Collections dip powders are also available in a matching SNS Gelstar and SNS Nail Lacquer product so you can match your mani with your pedi!

Fabulous Dip

Fabulous Dip is the matching dip powder range that matches with the Basics 1+1 Gel polish and Nail Lacquer Duos. There is also now a 2-in-1 Acrylic and Dip Powder product to match this colour range as well. Fabulous Dip is available in 150 beautiful colours in 1oz/28g jars.

Dipstar & Perfect Flo

Dipstar and Perfect Flo dip powders were created as a way for salons to easily order a complete collection of colours. With 150 colours in each, it’s the perfect way to get started with SNS. Dipstar and Perfect Flo dipping powders are available in 1oz/28g jars.

Why SNS?: Dip Competitor Comparison

The success of SNS comes from the conscientious effort to create formulations that improve the condition of nails rather than weaken them with continuous wear. Find out what makes the Original Dip Powder stand out from the rest and why they are the “Best Dip Powder System” voted by the thousands of NailPro Magazine readers year after year. 

  • Fortified Formula for Healthy Nails

SNS Dip Powders are enriched with vitamins A, E, B5, D3, and calcium to strengthen and nourish nails. With continuous and repeated use, users are able to grow their nails out longer and stronger than before. 

  • The Addition of Benzoyl Peroxide to Eliminate Infection and Cross-Contamination

When it comes to the act of dipping, you might have worries about the chances of getting infection. SNS incorporates a common ingredient ‘benzoyl peroxide’ in all dip powders. Benzoyl peroxide inhibits the growth of any bacteria thereby eliminating any possibility of cross-contamination and infection. SNS is the safest option for dip powder nails.

Read this article by Western Mass News where a health expert puts dip powder to the test.

  • Difference in Dipping

SNS Dip Powders have been imitated by many but simply cannot be replicated. Where other dip powder products on the market offer finely milled versions of acrylic powder, SNS dip powders are derived from acrylic ester polymers which adhere to nails when combined with cyanoacrylate (the resin-like bonding agent). 

Cyanoacrylate is the bonding agent used in Gel Base and Gelous Base. It’s a strong, biodegradable adhesive that polymerises upon contact and is commonly used in medical procedures. Cyanoacrylate is also less irritating and sensitising compared to its methacrylate counterparts used in other nail applications, making it safe to use on those prone to reactions. Be sure to use them in a well-ventilated area to minimise any irritations from the fumes. 

  • Easiest Removal Process

To remove SNS Dipping powder, all you need to do is lightly buff the shiny top coat surface of the nails and soak in acetone for 10-15 minutes. Because of SNS’ formulation, acetone alone is enough to penetrate and weaken the bond between the base coat and dipping powder. Some variations of dip powder on the market have been said to be harder to remove and this is generally likely because more chemicals are involved with their formulations.

  • High Quality Manufacturing

SNS originated in the US and that is where they are manufactured. A full 97% of the raw materials for SNS dipping powders come from the United States. All pigmenting, mixing, blending and finishing, along with colour and flow quality control, is handled by the highly-trained staff at the SNS facilities in Florida, USA. That’s also where the process of filling and packaging is completed. 

The other 3% account for the coloured pigments which are sourced from around the globe to give you the best colour options you know and love. That tiny portion of the process is then tested and refined at the SNS facilities in Florida, USA.

Faster Dip Powder Nails with SNS DAZL

sns dazl non-uv polish dz047 jerusalem
SNS DAZL Non-Uv Dip Powder Polish

What’s SNS DAZL, you ask? Why it’s simply the next best thing since the invention of dipping powder! SNS DAZL is the all-new innovation by SNS which cuts down dip powder services by 50% in time and effort. The formulation is best described as a highly pigmented liquid dip powder. It’s brushed on like regular polish and dries like dip powder so no UV light is needed in the process.

SNS DAZL is applied on top of a SNS Dipping Powder base. Create your foundations with SNS Natural Set dip powder - seal it, then buff, file, and shape it before applying SNS Sealer Dry once more. SNS DAZL will work with the Sealer Dry to cure. Once dried, apply 2 coats of SNS Gel Top as you would in a regular dip powder application.

SNS DAZL comes in 180 unique colours including some metallics and chrome finishes that can’t be achieved with regular dipping powder. Check out the full colour range categorised by colours on the Find Your Colour page.
With SNS DAZL you can enjoy all the benefits of a dip powder manicure in half the time and with half the effort. It’s the perfect nail solution for home users who want long-lasting and durable nails. Get the SNS DAZL At-Home Starter Kit and get pampered in the comfort of your own home.

The Healthy Gel System

SNS Healthy GelStar

SNS GelStar has all the benefits of gels, with far less damage to the nail bed. This exciting product line contains Vitamin E and Calcium to nourish the natural nail bed. Application of SNS GelStar is fast and easy, and no alcohol is needed for the top. 

Customers and technicians love GelStar for so many reasons:

  • Healthier Nails
  • Durable 14-Day Wear
  • Includes Vitamin E and Calcium
  • Brilliant, Mirror Surface
  • Easy Application
  • No Alcohol Needed for Top
  • Fast Removal
  • Matches over 500 Gelous Colors in Dip Powder and Nail Lacquer

Matching Colour Systems

Gelous Color: Dip Powder / Gel Polish / Nail Lacquers
Gelous Color matching colours in dip powder, gel polish, & nail lacquer

SNS solves a problem every dipping powder fan must face: how to match fingers and toes. Dipping powders are perfect for manicures, but what about pedicures? SNS MasterMatch was created to provide matching products across THREE product lines: SNS Gelous Color, SNS GelStar, and SNS Nail Lacquers

With a range of colors that match across all our product lines, you can get a unified effect whichever product you use. Now, in response to massive demand, SNS has expanded the matching colours to over 600.

Basics 1+1

Sometimes we just need the basics! SNS understands that salons sometimes seek a lower-cost way to introduce the SNS brand to clients. That’s why SNS Basics 1+1 was created. It’s a simple and inexpensive system that originally came with TWO matching products: SNS Basics 1+1 Lacquer and SNS Basics 1+1 Gel.

SNS Basics 1+1 Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer Duos

The great thing about SNS Basics 1+1 is that you can provide manicures and pedicures, confident that the colours will match every time. Just select from 150 beautiful SNS Basics 1+1 colours. Each color comes packaged as a pair, with Gel and Lacquer. 

The greatest feat for SNS Basics 1+1 is that every SNS Basics 1+1 package sold, SNS will buy a meal for a hungry child. A great initiative and one we are so proud of. Learn more about the chosen cause, No Kid Hungry.

The Basics 1+1 colour range has grown in popularity over the years, SNS had to create a dip powder line to match the Gel and Nail Lacquer Duo. For all 150 Basics 1+1 colours, there is now a Fabulous Dip dipping powder and 2-in-1 Acrylic and Dip Powder to match!

Nail Art with SNS

SNS Dolo Instant Marble

SNS Dolo is the amazing new Instant Marble product from SNS. With Dolo it takes just seconds to create a stunningly professional marbling service. Yet these lovely nails last for up to 3+ weeks. Every Dolo nail is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. And with 10 color options your creative possibilities are endless. DOLO is designed for SNS Dipping powders but also works with gels & acrylics too!

The “Best New Product of 2020” voted by NailPro Magazine’s 60,000+ professional readers. Try it for yourself today by purchasing the kit here.

Watch this short tutorial to see how easy it is to create beautiful marble designs in a matter of seconds.

SNS Air Ombre

Imagine using dipping powder by spraying from a bottle! That’s the new technique SNS has created for SNS Air Ombre.

SNS Air Ombre

It’s super easy and fast— with no special skills needed. Air Ombre is designed for dipping powder services with SNS Gelous Colors, but you can also use it with SNS Lacquers and SNS GelStar.

Air Ombre is available in 180 stunning colours ready for you to create some serious blends.

To use Air Ombre, prep the nail then follow these three steps: 

  1. Spray Air Ombre™ onto the edge of the nail tip
  2. Dip the nail into SNS Gelous dipping powder
  3. Apply SNS Top Coat 

Watch this tutorial to see how you can use Air Ombre to create chic ombre nail designs.

SNS Professional Tools

SNS Acrylic Files

SNS Acrylic Files are easy to use, lightweight and gentle on fingers.


  • Double-sided grit
  • 3 layers: EVA + sandpaper + rubber plate
  • Ideal for all type of nail applications including natural nails, false nails, and nail extensions

SNS Acrylic Files come in a variety of grit options and in straight or half-moon edges. You can buy them individually or in 25pc bulk packs.

French Dip Mould

Create the perfect french smile line with the SNS French Dip Mould. One side creates a C curve and the other a D curve. Simply fill the jar with your chosen SNS shade and slide your finger into the jar at the appropriate angle, depending on the desired shape. 
Watch the tutorial on how to create french tips using the SNS French Dip Mould and SNS dipping powder.

UV/LED Hybrid Lamp

To support SNS GelStar, SNS has introduced a new Hybrid UV/LED Light, with special features for extra safety and performance. The SNS UV/LED Light is available in rose gold and white to complement any salon décor. 


  • LG Hybrid LED 
  • Smart Design for Protective Shield 
  • 54w High Power Output
  • Pause/Low Heat Function
  • Wireless/Extended-Life Batteries Included
  • Fast Recharging 

Glass Bottle Holder

Prepare and keep your workspace organised for any SNS service with the SNS Glass Bottle Holder. Keep bottles in the order you would use them to avoid using the wrong one and to prevent spillage. The 4 slots are fitted to suit most 0.5oz/15ml square shaped polish bottles.

Plastic Hand Rest

Stiff hands are the hardest to work on. For more ease and comfortability for the client’s hands and wrist, use SNS Plastic Hand Rest while working on their nails.

Replacement Brushes

Sometimes your brush can’t be saved and will need to be replaced. The replacement brushes suit all 15ml SNS bottles including: Gel Top, Sealer Dry, Gel Base, Gelous Base. Brush On Glue, Brush Saver, Vitamin Oil, SNS Nail Lacquer, and SNS Gelstar polishes, base and top coats.
They can be bought individually or in a 4-pack.

SNS Starter Kits

The best way to get started with any SNS nail system is to buy a Starter Kit! There are many Nail Starter Kits available depending on the service you want to perform. Find all of them here and read on to see which one suits you best.

SNS DAZL at-home kit

Bring the salon home with you and give yourself the gift of beautifully manicured nails that last for over 2 weeks. The DAZL At-Home Kit comes with:

  • 1 x SNS Natural Set 1oz/28g
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Gel Base 15ml
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Gel Top 15ml
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Sealer 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Vitamin Oil 15ml
  • 1 x SNS DAZL Non-UV Colour of your choice  
  • 1 x SNS Edge File 100/100 Medium Grit
  • 1 x SNS Buffer File 180/100 Fine & Medium Grit
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher (with Knife Gauge)

SNS Gel Nails Starter Kit

Say goodbye to chipped nails and hello to beautifully manicured hands and feet! Gel nails are easy to do and last for weeks. SNS offers many Gel polishes from the Gelstar and Basics 1+1 range that match the dip powders you love. Now you can match your nails with your toes!

This gel nail kit includes:

  • 1 x SNS Basics 1+1 Gel Polish 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Basics 1+1 Nail Polish 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Nail File 80/80
  • 1 x SNS Edge Nail File 100/100 (Half Moon)
  • 1 x SNS Basics UV Topcoat 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Basics UV Basecoat 15ml
  • 1 x 60Watts Dual UV-LED Nail lamp
  • 1 x Orange Buffer 3-Way
  • 50 x Mini Orange Sticks 10cm

SNS Gelous Color Dip Powder Starter Kit

The Gelous Color Dip Powder Starter Kit has all the SNS products required to get started on your colourful dipping journey. This SNS kit includes:

  • 1 x SNS Natural Set Sheer 1oz/28g
  • 1 x SNS Natural Set 1oz/28g
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Gel Base 15ml
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Gelous Base 15ml
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Gel Top 15ml
  • 1 x SNS SenShine Sealer 15ml
  • 1 x SNS EA Bond 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Vitamin Oil 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Brush Saver 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Gelous Colour 1oz/28g of your choice
  • 1 x SNS Nail File 80/80 Coarse Grit
  • 1 x SNS Edge File 100/100 Medium Grit
  • 1 x Orange 3-Way Buffer
  • 1 x Orange Wooden Stick

SNS Pink & White Starter Kit

If you want a long-lasting manicure then starting with a strong base of SNS dip powder is the way to achieve that. The SNS Starter Kit for Pink & White Dipping Powder nail applications offers 4 Pink & White System dip powders that are perfect for creating french SNS nails or natural SNS nails.

This SNS kit includes:

  • 1 x SNS EA Bond 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Senshine Gel Base 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Senshine Gel Top 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Senshine Sealer 15ml
  • 1 x SNS Nail File 100/100 Medium Grit (Half Moon)
  • 1 x SNS Nail File 80/80 Coarse Grit
  • 1 x SNS French White 1oz/28g 
  • 1 x SNS Natural Set Sheer 1oz/28g
  • 1 x SNS Natural Set 1oz/28g
  • 1 x SNS Natural Pink 1oz/28g 
  • 2 x Clear Dipping Trays
  • 1 x Orange Wooden Stick
  • 1 x Orange 3-Way Buffer

Student Kits

Student Kits come with everything you need to do a french or natural SNS dip powder application. These are essential to nail and beauty students just starting out with SNS. Find them here.

Where to Buy SNS Nail Products in Australia

American Beauty Supply

American Beauty Supply (ABS) is the exclusive importer and master distributor of SNS nail products in Australia. With the largest range of products and colours all under one roof, ABS is your one stop shop for all things SNS.