DOLO - Marble Nails

Do you dream of marble nails too? SNS DOLO will make your dreams come true in a matter of seconds!

Long lasting
Cruelty free
Nutrient enriched
Non toxic
Non allergenic
Non UV
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Stunning Results


Every DOLO design is unique and can't be replicated.

Just like you!

Cultivating Creativity

Infinite Colour Combinations

Wear your creations all fingers or as an accent, with nails long or short! It’s hard for marble nails to not look good.

Let your creativity take over with 10 Marble Inks to combine and mix.

What will you create?

The Marble Miracle

Instant Marble

Watch marble magic unfold right before your eyes in three simple steps:

1. Apply the special DOLO Base

2. Paint on your chosen Marble Ink however you like to create the marbling effect

3. Allow to dry and seal in your artwork with DOLO Top Coat

Designed for your health

The nail system for self care routines

"I can always count on SNS to keep my nails looking professional!"

Amy Thai

"I was so surprised to see coloured powder turn into super shiny nails that feel strong but lightweight at the same time!"

Cynthia Sinki

"I will only ever get SNS now. My nails never break anymore and actually feel stronger than before!"

Stephanie Steer

"My nails were so damaged and weak from acrylics before I switched to SNS!"

Tiare Simone

"I have finally seen the difference between the non-genuine products and the genuine SNS brand."

Danielle Cormack