SNS Exclusive

Grow your business with our name

SNS is the most admired brand in nails - and the most profitable.
Nail lovers everywhere are asking for us by name! They know that SNS products are unmatched in quality and provide an experience of nail health and beauty like never before.


Exclusive business benefits

Grow your customer base by leveraging the popularity of the SNS name and dominate your local area with guaranteed exclusivity within 3km radius.

Access exclusive perks including special training, support from SNS, and generous discounts!

Dominate your local area with 3km radius exclusivity
Instantly access SNS’ loyal customer base
Upskill with exclusive training and support
Reduce costs & increase profits with discounted pricing
SNS Exclusive

How to qualify

SNS Exclusive Salon™ is not for everyone — that’s what makes it Exclusive! Here are the requirements:

  • You only use SNS nail products in your salon
  • 1+ year of experience with SNS dipping powder
  • Products purchased from authorised distributor
  • Stock complete collection of SNS colours
  • Display SNS Exclusive Salon signage
  • Location approved by SNS
  • Attend a 2-day training in SNS techniques
  • You always use SNS methods
  • You meet SNS, local, and state health standards
  • Min. two SNS Certified Nail Technicians
Sns exclusive

Become a sns exclusive salon

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