The Original Dip Powder Nails

Over 30 years ago, SNS introduced the world to dip powder nails and  The SNS Formula for healthy natural nails. Our Signature Nail Systems replace your usual industry toxins with vitamins to heal and nourish your natural nails.

the Award Winning & Trusted Choice Of Nail Professionals worldwide

Hello Vitamins

Nail growth and repair requires vitamins and minerals. SNS products are enriched with nutrients known to improve the health of your nail beds over time.

Here’s our recipe for healthier nails:

  • ✅ Vitamin A
  • ✅ Vitamin B5
  • ✅ Vitamin E
  • ✅ Vitamin D3
  • ✅ Calcium

Bye-Bye Toxins

The ingredients in your beauty products could be doing you more harm than good. Gone are the days of dry, brittle nails and chipped manis. SNS removes these nasties so you can look good & live healthy.

  • 🚫 MMA
  • 🚫 Pthalates
  • 🚫 Toluene
  • 🚫 Triethanolamine
  • 🚫 Formaldehyde
  • 🚫 TPHP
  • 🚫 Dibutyl Phthalate
  • 🚫 Xylene
  • 🚫 Camphor
  • 🚫 Ethyl Tosylamide
  • 🚫 Synthetic Sulfate
  • 🚫 Lead
  • 🚫 Parabens

The Signature Nail System

30 YEARS OF INNOVATION. Healthier nails with every application.


Liquid brush on dipping powder colours that reduce application time by 50%!

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Dipping Powders

World’s first and finest - the original Dip Powder Nails system.

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BAses & Sealers

The famous Bases & Sealers that keep your nail care game strong!

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Gel & nail Lacquers

Healthier, safer and more mindful gel nails and polishes.

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Dolo Marble

Do you dream of marble nails too? Marble nail art made easy.

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Air Ombre

Create instant ombre nail art effortlessly with a simple spray.

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Grow your nail salon business with sns certification

Attract loyal SNS fans and customers with SNS Certification today. SNS Certified tells them where to go and who to trust.

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Master your nail technique with SNs Academy

Become a certified SNS Nail Technician by learning the correct techniques and enjoy your exclusive discount on SNS products.

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